Xem Phim Mái Tóc Thời Trang - Hair Show 2011

  • Phim Mái Tóc Thời Trang - Hair Show HD

    Mái Tóc Thời Trang - Hair Show

    Năm phát hành: 2011

    Thể loại: Phim Tình Cảm, Phim Hài Hước

    Quốc gia: Hàn Quốc

    Thời lượng: 04/04

    Lượt xem: 102,963


Nội dung phim

A story that about the top 1% of hair designers in Kangnam whore determined to display their skills and soothe the hearts of tired souls whore exhausted from life with their warm hands. Ever since the fateful day when she took up a part-time job at J Hair Collection and saw how the designers there can bring out the beauty and stylishness that people had never thought they had possessed, she was determined to become a hair stylist and make people happy using the talent at her fingertips.

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